• Violín Acustico Yamaha V7SG 1/2
  • Violín Acustico Yamaha V7SG 1/2

Violín Acustico Yamaha V7SG 1/2

812€ 730€
  • Plazo de entrega: 7 días laborables
  • Referencia: KV7SG12
  • Tamaño: 1/2
  • Tipo: Acústico
  • Categoría: Arco
  • Serie: Con estuche
  • Sección: Instrumentos musicales
  • Producto: Violines
Scale-Sized Violins For Children Made of Natural Wood

An excellent choice for beginning to intermediate players, the V7SG offers fine quality at a very affordable price. It can be an ideal setup instrument for students who have advanced beyond the level of their beginner violins.


Finish Fully Hand Brushed
Varnish Oil Varnish, Shading

Type Stradivarius
Size 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8
Top Spruce
Back Maple
Side Maple
Neck Maple
Finger Board Ebony

Bridge Aubert
Tuning Pegs Ebony
Tailpiece Wittner "Ultra"(4 Fine Tuners)
Chin Rest Ebony
Strings Helicore
Fine Tuner Wittner "Ultra"(4 Fine Tuners)

Included Accessories Bow Brazilian Wood
Case Shaped Hard Case (4/4 with Oblong Case)
Rosin Schwarz
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