Specimen Aural Tests, Grade 8 Book with CD

Imagen 9781848492608
Imagen 9781848492608
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Subtitle: new edition from 2011Series: ABRSM Specimen Aural Tests New Edition from 2011Department: Aural - Specimen Aural TestsPublisher: ABRSMGrade exam resourceAural tests are an integral part of all ABRSM Practical graded music exams. The Specimen Aural Tests provide teachers and students with many practice examples of the tests to use as part of a music lesson or when preparing for an exam.This volume covers Grade 8 and includes: all new practice examples for each test in a range of musical styles the examiner rubrics (the exact words that will be used by the examiner to deliver the tests), so that candidates can be fully prepared for what will happen on the day descriptions of the tests as they appear in the syllabus model answers, where appropriate, as a guide to the sort of responses that would be successful in the exam CD recordings of all the tests in the book, delivered by ABRSM examiners and including answers where appropriate – ideal for use in the lesson or for pupil practice at homeThe Specimen Aural Tests volumes are each available in versions with or without CDs.

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