Aural Training in Practice, ABRSM Grades 4 & 5, with CD

Imagen 9781848492462
Imagen 9781848492462
  • Referencia: 9781848492462
  • Fecha aproximada de entrega: 16-07-2020
  • Fabricante: ABRSM
  • Autor: Holmes, John
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Subtitle: New editionArranger: Holmes, John / Scaife, NigelSeries: ABRSM Aural Training in PracticeDepartment: Aural - Aural Training in PracticePublisher: ABRSMGrade exam resourceAural Training in Practice offers valuable support to teachers preparing students for ABRSM Practical exams. The three volumes, covering Grades 1–3, Grades 4 & 5 and Grades 6–8, provide: information on what each test involves and what the examiner is looking for teaching hints and strategies, including warm-up material and ideas for integrating aural into lessons many practice exercises to prepare students for the exam CD recordings of all practice exercises, and examples in two or more parts, presented by an ABRSM examiner answers, both recorded and printed where appropriate, as a guide to the sort of responses that would be successful in the exam

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